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Are You Worry About How to Repel the Mouse?

Rats are becoming audacious, gnawing wires, stealing grain, and even running around in your house. Many people in the house rats and distress unceasingly, they will run away everywhere in your home, there is always noisy at night, and we can not sleep.

Nowadays, the rat damage is serious, although there are rodent drugs, but can poison the mouse's natural enemy cat, so that the rat damage back up. The high voltage electronic rodent extinguisher is only killed when the mouse touches the high voltage, and it has unsafe factors How to prophylaxis the pest harm to us? Indeed, we can repel the mouse with these traditional ways:

1. The cat( biological control).

2. mouse glue trap, you can place it in places frequented by rats, including openings, corners, sides of doors, and around pipes.

3. Mice trap, lethal strong. But Mouse traps had better not use metal products, generally they smell metal, will avoid.

But how about the effect? Theoretically, they were supposed to be worked well, but in fact, the users don't think they are work perfectly. We are afraid that these product can not stop this behavior of mosquitos.

Why not try another product? Like plug in mice repeller? If you use the best mice repeller, the mouse repeller can help you improve the efficiency of repelling pest. If we send out the ultrasonic noise to the rat, and the sound pressure is strong, it can interfere with the normal activities of the rat and have no effect on people. Long-term exposure to high sound pressure ultrasound, the physiological function of mice will appear disorder, and even death. Unfortunately, the powerful ultrasound that kills mice, though not audible, can hurt people. Therefore, ultrasound normally used for repelling mice should not exceed 90 decibels. On the other hand, the higher the frequency of the sound wave, the faster it disappears in the process of transmission, and the smaller the coverage area is, so the frequency of the sound wave of the general ultrasonic mouse repeller is between 15 and 25 kHz.

The features of the repeller:

1. Good safety: generally no harm to people and animals, but if there are problems in the manufacturing technology, ultrasonic mouse repeller will make people uncomfortable. On the other hand, it only interferes with mice and has no lethal ability

2.Shorter period of validity: rats can adapt to ultrasound quickly, and will use obstacles to avoid. The reduction of activity is often limited to a few hours or days, and there is generally no movement away from settled areas.

3. Strong directivity: the front of the ultrasonic generator is strong, the side is weak, and the back is weaker. When using; Must be facing the protected site

Ultrasonic repellent device sends out high-power ultrasonic pulse, interferes with and stimulates the auditory system of the mouse, destroys its nervous system, makes the mouse feel uncomfortable and panic, causes its loss of appetite, wants to escape from the scene, and even appears convulsions and other symptoms, so as to escape, plays the role of repellent and deratization.

most effective mouse repellent

So, choose one product to repel is important for you. Hope you can enjoy your summer without nuisance of mouse.




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